sâmbătă, 26 noiembrie 2011

Heart strings

Today, remembered me that my dream was to write and become a poet and novelist, so those poems that are burried in folders should face the world soon ...

revealing again those folders Idiscovered my pair of "Heart strings", a poem that I've written two years ago. Hope you will enjoy.

Heart strings

You are cold inside
You are strong but sensitive,
You are dreaming when you are looking for some muse

You are an artist
You are hurt but you don't tell to anyone,
You are alone but you are not afraid of shadows

You could fall,
But in the same time you could lift me up
You could beat it far apart,
But you stay here with me
You could tell me that you will leave me,
But you prefer to keep me alive, away from falling apart
You could runaway from me because I'm a little bit insane,
But you came in the night and hold me tight when I have nightmares...

We are two pairs of heart strings
And we are holding on this crowded streets,
We are two pairs of heart strings
And we are blocked in the same damn painfull disease.

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