vineri, 16 decembrie 2011

The Portrait of My Orpheus

Your eyes, mirroir of wheat's light
Your smile, thought of shadow's life
Your lips, thin as skin's brightness
Your hands, passion of actrice's time

It may be true that I'm foolishly inlove with you
It may be true that you light a flame into my heart
Thus, love might be the Devil's curse
Thus, you remain my love into my heart

Wings, for what else are
than to fly to fiery skies?
when nothing stand stood still
No dreams, my love, those tiny kisses burried into drakness's lamps
I want to stay here, but time has come for me to run into ashes....

Please, stop my heart if you're not mine
Please, throw my vermilion pearls to tear the spell
Please, love be kind to me
Please, love goodbye is not for well

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