duminică, 5 august 2012

White Horse

You were my home in another life.
We and our white horse have a farm and a large garden at the countryside.
Life seemed unmeasurable to me when I gave birth to our beautiful child.

I remember you standing near our white horse, smiling and confessing him how much you love me
I remember we dancing in a glade of poppies, when your hands gently placed in my hair flowers of lily.
Darling, did you up there sense their smell?
Darling, shall I break the vase where so much love matured in the morning?
Our white horse is old now, he seek for you in the afternoon
Me, I am sitting on a chair watching our  white horse how is galloping through that spectacular glade of poppies, our son is playing on the piano  the Mozart Lacrimosa maybe he feels how much I miss you....

But I feel sometimes that you are in the arms of an angel...

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