duminică, 28 decembrie 2014

winter dreams

winter dreams are all here inside us
under the mistletoe branch
 i see you, baby
 smiling and singing about love
 a sentimental melody about me...

even if I know that you'll leave 
i'm letting you go holding tightened your kisses
never forgetting that smile of your sensual lips
 embracing me with a voiceless affection
 loving me more than words that I write in poems.
 we're finding each other's heart
 and promised to bloom there the seed of adoratio.

winter dreams are all here inside us
buds from dreams of you and me,
a song of two souls
desiring an endless caress
to furfill all the separated space;
between us.

winter dreams are all here inside us
a dance of sensuality,
a fairytale that survives today,
sharing that magic fondle of intensity from us
becoming lovers into those warm mornings of  january.

remembering you today, my baby
i do my best to keep you warm into poems
because i miss you more, fascination
you are my winter dreams.

* Marc Chagall- Big Sun

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